the Story Behind the Legend

Visitors to Puerto Rico are soon familiar with the Coqui Frog, a tiny tree frog who’s song fills the island’s balmy nights. Now the storybook Kiki Kokí tells the legend of the Coquí through bold, beautiful color illustrations. A captivating adventure that introduces all the children of the world to the beloved Coquí.


Kiki Koki, a fun-loving little Taino Indian boy would rather play than help his tribe. To teach him a lesson, the Moon Goddess turns him into a golden tree frog. Only when Kiki Koki saves a village of frogs from rascally rat pirates, does he prove that he has earned the right to become a boy again.

Based on a Taino Indian legend, the whimsical Story of Kiki Koki captures the rich colors and spirit of Puerto Rico, while sharing a lighthearted lesson about what it means to be part of a community – whether human – or amphibian.