Ed Rodriguez

Artist & Author

Ed Rodriguez was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. As a child he discovered the coquí frog through trips to visit his relatives in Puerto Rico. While visiting the island with his own children, he was inspired to create the story and character of Kiki Kokí.

Ed currently lives with his family in Los Angeles. He has worked for the Walt Disney Company and other major Toy and Entertainment companies developing Art, Film, Toys and Consumer Products.

In 2010 Ed launched Kiki Kokí the Enchanted Legend of the Coquí Frog, .The book has been a best seller on the island since it’s introduction. As a result, Ed has gone on to develop Kiki Kokí as a character brand franchise, producing Kiki Kokí animation, coloring books and apparel, toys.

The Enchanted Fountain of Borikén is the first of several planned titles starring Kiki Kokí and his friends from Borikén.