Kiki Kokí

The boy turned frog with the color, voice and heart of gold

As a boy, Kiki Kokí was a bit lazy, selfish and mischevious. Luckily he learned his lesson, so as a tree frog Kokí is none of those things. He is helpful, generous and fun loving. He’s always first in line to help, and first on the conga line.

The character of Kiki Kokí was inspired by the coquí frog of Puerto Rico. This is a really tiny frog. Barely the size of a coin. A coquí can comfortably sleep inside a closed hybiscus flower, and they often do. Though they may be small, they make a big sound. If you are lucky enough to visit Puerto Rico you will hear the coqui’s loud song fill the balmy caribbean nights. No wonder Kiki Kokí has a love of island music.


Boriken’s favorite explorer, Kokí’s best friend

He describes himself as cautious. His friends think he’s a bit of a worry wart. I mean look at him…really?… a helmet, knee and elbow pads, a shell and he still worries about falling and getting hurt. Couple that with the fact that his top running speed is barely that of a snail and you realize that Poncie is one of those characters that’s really funny, though that may not be his intention. But thanks to his friend Kiki Kokí, Poncie has learned to have fun and enjoy the magic that everyday brings.

There were two sources of inspiration for the character of Poncie. One of the inspirations was a real person named Juan Ponce de Leon. Ponce de Leon was the first governor of Puerto Rico. Like Poncie, De Leon was an explorer in search of a fountain. He famously sailed all the caribbean and Florida in search of the Fountain of Youth.

The other inspiration for Poncie was the leatherback sea turtles of Puerto Rico. These beautiful creatures return to the beaches of Puerto Rico every year to lay their egg.


The loosest mouth in the North, East, West and South

Coco is a young parrot who has a big heart and a mouth that’s even bigger. She means no malice to others, but as parrots often do, she’s prone to repeat things she shouldn’t and doesn’t know when to stop talking. So if you need a helping wing, Coco is your girl, but if you just need someone to just listen, you may want to look around the rain forest for other options.

The character of Coco was inspired by the Puerto Rico’s unique species of parrot. Known as the Puerto Rican Amazon, this bird was once found in great numbers all over the island. Today the Puerto Rican Amazon is an endangered species, but researchers are working vigorously to restore this beautiful bird.


Mona Island’s coolest surfer

Garto is a lizard who prefers to do his own thing, he’s usually off surfing the lagoon, rock climbing or strumming his guitar. He’s got a cool laid back vibe and everyone likes being around him.

There are various species of lizards in Puerto Rico. Garto is inspired by the Puerto Rican Giant Amevia. While most of the island’s lizards are brown and green, the Amevia is a bluish color.


The tiny tree frog with the giant voice

Rani is the youngest of the group, but she’s wise beyond her years. She’s always learning by asking lots of questions. She does not like being treated like a baby and can be quite spunky if need be. Like all the frogs on Boriken Isle, Rani loves music. She can pick up any two sticks and make a melody, even on Poncie’s shell, though Poncie finds that extremely dangerous.

There are fourteen known species of Coquí Frogs in Puerto Rico. All like to sing, just like Rani.


A pet that will surely eat you out of house and home

Millie is a Millipede with the personality of a dog. She loves to digs holes and chew on just about anything she’s not supposed to. When she’s not chewing or eating, Millie scurries about the rain forest behind Kiki Kokí and his friends like a happy pup.